Looking for WPTA Approved Courses?

Look for this seal on any CEU course you are considering attending. This seal certifies the course meets Wisconsin's requirements for licensure renewal.

Licensing Requirements

Chapter PT 9: Continuing Education

PT 9.04 Standards for approval

To be approved for credit, a continuing education program shall meet all of the following criteria:
(a) The program constitutes an organized program of learning which contributes directly to the professional competency of the licensee.

(b) The program pertains to subject matter which integrally relates to the practice of the profession.

(c) The program is conducted by individuals who have specialized education, training or experience by reason of which the individual should be considered qualified concerning the subject matter of the activity or program.

(d) The program fulfills pre-established goals and objectives.

(e) The program provides proof of attendance by licensees.

Track Your Credits

CEU Storage & Management for PT/PTA Licensees

Brought to you by the WPTA, the CEU Locker provides secure, long term storage for your continuing education needs. Helping keep you organized and your practice protected, we hope you find our new system eases and streamlines the management and record-keeping required for WI state licensing requirements.

You can get started in this system by creating a FREE CEU Holder account. Once your email is verified, you can enter courses taken into your CEU Locker dashboard for safe record keeping.

Looking for WPTA Approved Courses

Look for this seal on any CEU course you are considering attending. This seal certifies the course meets Wisconsin's requirements for licensure renewal.

Course Approval

Beginning April 2017, all CEU Providers in Wisconsin will utilize our new CEU Locker system for making course approval applications, maintaining list of credits and submitting payments for all aspects of this process.

The new CEU Locker system is a shared system for many Physical Therapy Components that provides a fast, convenient centralized location to get approvals in several states by completing and storing your paperwork requirements only one time.

You can get started by creating a CEU Provider account here  .

Course Approval Fees:

1-4 contact hours $100


4.25-7 Contact hours $150


12.25-16 Contact hours $200


16.25 or More Contact hours $250


Application Submission Notes:

  1. Submit your course to CEU Locker with supporting documentation, and the non-refundable application fee (and rush processing fee if applicable) at least 30 days prior to date of program. When approved, the WPTA will assign a course approval number for the course. The course approval number is valid for the initial presentation and also for subsequent presentations of the same course (same material, same presenters, same objectives, etc.) for a period of 12 months following the initial presentation.
  2. Supporting documentation must include:
    • Course Description
    • Course Objectives
    • Time Schedule and Program Content for Each Segment
    • Instructor(s) Names, Credentials and Biography
    • Course Evaluation Form - See #5 for more details
    • Course Fees
    • List of References (at least 3 current sources to support the material to be presented published within the last 7 years)
  3. Contact Hours are determined based on the number of instructional hours. Time spent on registration, meals or breaks will not be counted when determining hours. The number of CEUs approved may not equal the number requested by the applicant. Unstructured reading time in preparation for online courses shall not be included in the total approved contact hours.
  4. Minimum requirement for awarding proof of attendance: participant attends at least 80% of the program and participates satisfactorily as determined by the program sponsor.
  5. The Course Evaluation Form must include three questions: "Was the material at or above entry level knowledge for PTs and PTAs", "To what extent did the program meet the stated objectives?" and "To what extent did you learn new information that you could apply in your practice setting?" . The form needs to assess the objectives, course content, instructor(s), method of presentation and the extent to which the learning outcomes were achieved. It is the responsibility of the course sponsor to have this form completed by each participant and to share the results of the evaluation with the course instructor(s).
  6. When the course is approved by the WPTA, you may issue your own certificates. The certificates should be completed by the course sponsor and contain:
    • Number of contact hours/CEUs awarded by WPTA
    • Participant's name
    • Title of course
    • Signature of Instructor or Course Sponsor
    • Date of course completion

If the course is submitted less than 30 days prior to the course start date a $50 rush processing fee will apply.

The WPTA reserves the right to audit any course and will notify the sponsor if they have been chosen for an audit. The audit may include onsite attendance of the course.

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