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Mentorship Program for Students

posted: August 31, 2015

The WPTA Academic Liaison Committee started a mentorship program for students in 2013 and are excited to announce we will be offering this program again this year! Below are the details, including the application process:

 One year-long Mentorship (Offered to a 2nd year SPT)

•    The mentee will be matched with a mentor who is in a leadership role within the WPTA, practices in the area that the mentee is interested in working in and is in the same geographical area.

•    The program/relationship will be tailor fit to what the mentor/mentee discuss and decide. This will be an amazing opportunity for a motivated student to take and mold the mentorship experience that is ideal for the individual. This program format will allow the student and mentor to dictate the time/effort needed to achieve their goals. - i.e. monthly meetings, shadowing, phone calls, case studies, attending conferences together, attending a board meeting etc.

Three WPTA Fall Conference Mentorships (All SPT and SPTA Student Eligible

•    The mentees will be matched with mentors who are in leadership roles within the WPTA and practice within the mentee's area of interest.

•    Mentees/mentors will attend the Fall Conference together. This program will also be fluid and can be tailor fit to the mentee/mentor. The general idea is to interact as much as possible i.e. attend classes together, go to lunch, meet informally in the evening, possibly attend the business meeting together, etc.

All you need to do to apply is just write a concise essay (no more than 500 words) answering two questions:

1. What is your recent history of involvement in your undergrad and/or PT program, community, church, job, etc.?

2. What would they like to gain from this mentorship?

3. ADDITIONAL QUESTION FOR YEAR LONG MENTORSHIP:  What is the ideal structure of communication between you and your mentor? (How would like the relationship/program to be structured? -i.e  monthly meetings, phone calls, etc.)

The essays are due at 5pm on Friday, September, 18th. The mentee’s will be chosen within one week of this deadline.

Please email essays in a Word Document to erik.gregersen@froedtert.com, be sure to include your contact info including:

  • APTA ID, Name, Address, School (year in program) and Practice Area of Interest (ex: private practice, manual therapy, wounds, etc.)

Thank you!

Erik Gregersen, PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS

WPTA Academic Liaison Committee Chair

Phone: 262-306-6319 | Fax: 262-334-3223 |



WPTA 2015 Fall Conference Details!

posted: August 01, 2015


2015 Fall Conference Full Details


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The purpose of the Wisconsin Physical Therapy Student Network (WPTSN) is to:

  • A) Foster communications between DPT and PTA students across the state;
  • B) Serve as a conduit for DPT and PTA students in Wisconsin to learn about and become active members in the Wisconsin Physical Therapy Association (WPTA) and American Physical Therapy Association (APTA);
  • C) Develop opportunities for DPT and PTA students in Wisconsin to participate in professional advocacy; and
  • D) Open doors for DPT and PTA students in Wisconsin to interact with practicing clinicians through casual and professional engagements.


WPTSN Member 3 Duties:

  • 1. Contribute an article for Student Scoop, PT Connections, etc. or Facebook
  • 2. Nominate a minimum of 4 WPTSN Superstars a year (2 in Fall and 2 in Spring) Nominating every month is encouraged
  • 3. Be involved in a WPTSN Committee: WPTSN Superstars, Student Advocacy, NSC Assistance, PT Pub Night (La Crosse, Madison, Milwaukee), Networking, Social Media


Any questions please contact the Core Ambassador or Core Ambassador Elect.


A big thanks goes to Ryan Lifka (Marquette, Class of 2015) for putting together the video and doing all the editing.

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