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The purpose of the Wisconsin Physical Therapy Student Network (WPTSN) is to:

  • A) Foster communications between DPT and PTA students across the state;
  • B) Serve as a conduit for DPT and PTA students in Wisconsin to learn about and become active members in the Wisconsin Physical Therapy Association (WPTA) and American Physical Therapy Association (APTA);
  • C) Develop opportunities for DPT and PTA students in Wisconsin to participate in professional advocacy; and
  • D) Open doors for DPT and PTA students in Wisconsin to interact with practicing clinicians through casual and professional engagements.


WPTSN Member 3 Duties:

  • 1. Contribute an article for Student Scoop, PT Connections, etc. or Facebook
  • 2. Nominate a minimum of 4 WPTSN Superstars a year (2 in Fall and 2 in Spring) Nominating every month is encouraged
  • 3. Be involved in a WPTSN Committee: WPTSN Superstars, Student Advocacy, NSC Assistance, PT Pub Night (La Crosse, Madison, Milwaukee), Networking, Social Media


Any questions please contact the Core Ambassador or Core Ambassador Elect.


A big thanks goes to Ryan Lifka (Marquette, Class of 2015) for putting together the video and doing all the editing.

WPTA Program Champions


The mission of the WPTSN Superstars program is to recognize students who are doing exceptional work that may otherwise go unnoticed. This program provides the opportunity for professionals, professors or fellow classmates to show admiration for the effort and work that students are doing. All you need to do to nominate a student is click on the link below and fill out the survey (if you choose you can remain anonymous). The Superstars nominated will be notified that they were recognized and be provided with their nomination.

WPTSN Superstars

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WPTA Student Scoop

The WPTA Student Scoop is a monthly source for information and opportunities for SPTs and SPTAs in WI. The Scoop also spotlights the incredible things that all the PT/PTA programs are doing in WI. All students and professionals have the opportunity to have an article in the Scoop. Please contact the Core Ambassador at aptasa.corewi@gmail.com with any feedback or ideas for future stories.