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Are you looking to get more involved in the WPTA and help set the direction of the profession for the future?  Get involved through the WPTA Student Special Interest Group!

Below is a link to an application for three WPTA SSIG Board Positions (Vice Chair, Nominating Committee Chair, and Secretary). Please consider applying, and help spread the word by sharing this application with your 2020 & 2021 classmates. 

Completed applications are due to Katelyn DeStarkey, [email protected], by Friday, January 25. Elections will be held online beginning during the WPTA Student Conclave (2/2/19 at Bryant and Stratton). Elected candidates will be announced at the end of the Student Conclave. Students are not required to attend the Student Conclave in order to qualify for the desired position, although it is strongly encouraged! There will be an opportunity for candidates to introduce themselves to the attendees.

*Note-Vice Chair Position may only be held by a current first-year DPT student (class of 2021) and will assume the Chair position the following year. Please see the bottom of the application for detailed duties and responsibilities of each position. 


SIG Resources

SSIG Executive Board Chair:

  • Chair: Lindsay Fons, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  • Vice-Chair: Samuel Schwartz, University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse
  • Secretary: Brad Johnson, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Nominating Chair: Shannon Carpenter, Marquette University
  • Core Ambassador: Caitlin Martin - UW-Milwaukee Class of 2017
  • Core Ambassador Elect: Chris Chism - UW-Madison Class of 2018

Watch The Video!

A big thanks goes to Ryan Lifka (Marquette, Class of 2015) for putting together the video and doing all the editing.

WPTA Program Champions


Superstars Program

The mission of the Superstars program is to recognize students who are doing exceptional work that may otherwise go unnoticed. This program provides the opportunity for professionals, professors or fellow classmates to show admiration for the effort and work that students are doing. All you need to do to nominate a student is click on the link below and fill out the survey (if you choose you can remain anonymous). The Superstars nominated will be notified that they were recognized and be provided with their nomination.

Click Here to Nominate a Student


WPTA Student Scoop

The WPTA Student Scoop is a monthly source for information and opportunities for SPTs and SPTAs in WI. The Scoop also spotlights the incredible things that all the PT/PTA programs are doing in WI. All students and professionals have the opportunity to have an article in the Scoop. Please contact the Core Ambassador at [email protected] with any feedback or ideas for future stories.


WI PT/PTA Schools

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